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Wednesday Business Plans?

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:37am Jul 11, 2012 EDT
Good Morning Everyone,

Having a rough start today. Hoping finding motivation in the forums will perk me back up! For now coffee and oatmeal it is, and I am at the day job.

Today I am continuing to prepare my shop for Christmas in July. I am cleaning up SEO, and tags from earlier listings and when I get home will list a few more listings. When it cools down later in the evening I will craft a little with a new project. Requires the oven so I would rather wait until later this evening.

What are you working on today for your business?

Amber Lee

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:40am Jul 11, 2012 EDT
I already finished 2 new items, made some photos and started to tag for CIJ.
I finished a bunch of new purses last night, and I've already taken photos this morning and edited them. So now I need to list them all.

This afternoon and evening I need to work on a bunch of orders. I need to finish them all by tomorrow afternoon because I'll be flying to a funeral and gone for several days. It's actually been nice to have fewer sales this week because that leaves me with fewer open orders while I'm gone. Though I sure hope they pick up again soon!
Well, my plan is to learn more about SEO and then rework my tags and titles... I also have a new blog waiting to be filled with content and I there are some ideas for new projects spinning around in my head...

I guess I'll spend much of today with organizing my shop and my ideas...
Already had my oatmeal (with soy milk, YUMMMM!) and coffee so I'm ready to take on the world. Sadly though, none of my supplies have come in as of this morning. Hopefully something will get here later today!
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:10am Jul 11, 2012 EDT
Tamara Neubauer, the SEO, tagging, and titles are s crucial I have been slowly improving my earlier ones. I don't think they were terrible, but not good enough :)
I'm also doing CIJ prep - and shortly i'm going to FORCE myself to get up and work on a custom order I need to be working on. :P Just one of those days where i don't feel like sitting at the sewing machine being creative, lol.
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:20pm Jul 11, 2012 EDT
Sara that was this weekend for me. It was just too hot to want to do anything really
It has been slow in this shop. I have been working on some new pendants items. Most of the morning was spent packaging and printing labels from my other shop.

I have a trip to the post office and store to get some supplies planned for after lunch.
I have a photography session planned for this afternoon.
Just dropped off 6 orders at the post office, and now I'm going to take a break and work on some fun necklaces I've been wanting to make and send to a few friends as surprises :) Tonight- photos and editing new fertility necklaces. oh and CIJ set up!

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