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I can't ignore all the negativity here!

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My only suggestion is to keep listing as many items as you can. Have as many items in your shop as you can. Any time I list 2 or 3 items I see a flurry of sales (usually of different items than the ones I listed). It took me two or three years to figure out what I wanted to sell but once I did my shop started doing pretty well. You already know what your selling and you shop looks great! Keep going!!!
One sale for the first month is completely and utterly standard. Thats just what you have to expect.

Keep at it. Id give it 3 or 4 months AT LEAST and see how your sales improve. You've been treasured a lot so thats good too.

Things on here can pick up quickly.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:19am Jul 14, 2012 EDT
Im doing better at Luulla but Etsy drives m more traffic. I say don't let others control your opinion or cloud your judgement
Any place where there are thousands of people in a community there are going to be some negative Nelly's. Let's face it: we all have those 'glass half empty' moments. Lots of people come here to vent.

I've actually decided to go on a forum diet. I have found that it sucks up time I could be using creatively. So I'm coming here if I have a question and at the end of the day to check and see if there is anything important I need a heads up about. I think we all get a bit tired of the forums, and the negativity. But people are people and it is what it is.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:28am Jul 14, 2012 EDT
Well certain times of the yr are less prosperous for online sales. The 4th of July people were gone, camping etc. Sales went down. Its to be expected. Just like after Christmas, sale usually stop , I mean come to a scretching halt right b4 Christmas & don't pick up till Feb or so. You can expect the flux in the market. Some people do just like to complain & some don't understand the way the market goes up & down. Many think if they have an online shop that the people will just find them. Not so.. each shop owner has to find ways to get their stuff in front of the public, what title wording is caught in the most searches. Don't let others get you down. Dig in & learn all u can to help your buisness.
Just wanted to say also, in retail in the real world there is always a massive slow down, every summer, for things that are considered luxury items. In this economy, practically anything that people don't consume is a luxury item. But in the fall it will get better. It does every year.

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