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Tell us about your Hiddent Talent. that your never thought you had

watching youtube video on how to make jewlery, i discovered that i can make jewlry. what about you. what was your hidden talent !
i am sure many of us here never thought they could do something before but now they are amazed to discover their talent and now using it on Etsy. ( i am not selling jewlry yet and dont want to)

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Inactive Etsy Member 4:58am Jul 15, 2012 EDT
My hidden talents...hmmm...

I hope it's sewing. We'll see after my sewing class!! I reaaaaaaaaaallllllly hope to be great at sewing. It's my only dream.

Lots of little girls want to grow up and have sexy boyfriends and get married and be ballerinas and doctors and supermodels and have children and be beautiful, but all I've ever wanted want to learn how to sew.

high school and jewelry making and college and the excitement of being distracted haven't allowed it thus far. *sighs* Now that I've passed those stages, it's time to find my hidden sewing talent.

I can sew by hand, but I want to learn how to use a sewing machine...so let's hope it's my hidden talent, okay guys??? Because I reaaaaaaallllly want to be amazing at it.
Art and graphic design. I was seeing a therapist who recommended I try it as a way to express myself. one thing led to another and I am now over halfway through my bachelor's degree in graphic design ... with honors! I daydream that my Etsy shop will take off and I'll be selling my prints like hotcakes. :-)
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:07am Jul 15, 2012 EDT
Up until 5 years ago I did not know I could knit and up until 3 years ago I did not know that I could crochet ..until I taught myself. I suppose they were both hidden, but with a strong desire to learn. I suppose I have lots of hidden talents, I just need the time and means to develope them.
The ability to pick up and learn new things quickly, not just crafts. And get obsessed about the ones I truly like (which tend to be craft-related )!
Cooking Mexican food... :) Just started experimenting a few years ago and realized I was starting to make dishes that got a lot of compliments. I haven't really tried to branch out much because cooking itself has never been one of my favorite things to do, but since I love spicy things, I make chili a lot.

Not that this talent is craft-related, ha!
Rebeca, that is awesome..congrats!
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:10am Jul 15, 2012 EDT
Baking. I never thought I could bake because every time I tried to cook a meal someone complained about some part of it. When I tried making cupcakes last year, everyone loved them. I started then to make cookies and from there candies. I now make all the cakes and treats for family gatherings. I guess I am good at making sweets but not food good for you.
I can tame children. Really, I can.

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