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How Many Items Is -Enough-?

Just wondering if there is a special number of items in your shop where things really took off?

I've had as many as 200 items, and as little as 100, but it seems like those shops with 500+ are really doing great business. Lots of constant sales.

Makes me wonder if it is worth it to list 400 more items to try and hit that point.

(I do have a photography/print shop as well where I have the same amount of items roughly as this one.)

Whats your opinion/experience?

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The more items you have the more opportunities buyers have of finding you.
My sales increased once I reached about 200 items. I just listed my 400th item yesterday - I say you can never have too much, as long as your shop is well organized. :)
Wow, since everything I make is handmade by me it takes me forever to create a mini album or altered frame. I do work full time though, and only make my creations at night, so that maybe it. If I could put a full 8 hours a day in my etsy shop, I am sure I would have more items.
Sales were not steady until I got over 120 items in my shop. I am always trying to add more, but since everything I make is time consuming, I find it difficult to keep the quantities up. I have had 2 customers in the last month that bought 15 items between them! That is 2-4+ weeks of work. So my aim is to try and make at least 1 item a day.

The more items you have, the more chance you will be found. So it makes sense to have as much as you can. Although, I have to say, if someone has more than 6 or 7 pages of shop, I lose interest, and am less likely to look closely at what they have. Those supply shops with huge quantities of items really overwhelm me!

I don't think there is really any magic number. I have a friend who makes gorgeous miniature babies. I urged her to open a shop on Etsy. She only put 15 items in her shop, and sold all of them! She had a niche market so it was very successful for her.

We just have to keep plugging away.
all of them!
what lego said

that and....

there is no magic number for anything
LegofromAllegroArts says

"all of them! "

I agree- It sounds like it is beneficial to add more- so I guess thats what I will do. Thank you for your input- I always like to hear about your experiences on here.
Do what is best and sustainable for your business.
500?? I'll be lucky if I ever break 50! I'm at 31 now and that's the most I've ever had.

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