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do i need a license to sell my homemade soap and shampoo?

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Inactive Etsy Member 7:18 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT
hi, i am wanting to sell homemade, chemical free, natural soap and shampoo online on etsy. what i am wondering is if i need a license or anything. i want to make sure im not going to end up getting in trouble later for not having the necessary license or whatever i need.
please help!
thank you.

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Inactive Etsy Member 7:20 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT
Depends on where you live. Check your local laws- county and state.
Hi, there is an entire seller handbook up in the blogs section
You need to check your state's business regulations. Every state has different rules. Some need a tax ID #, some require your business to be registered.

As for the soap, make sure you are following the FDA regulations.
For general business registration:

US: Sales Tax & Business Registration--Links to Official Government Websites

and this is a good jumping off point to help you find info on the FDA site:

You need to follow the rules and regulations where you live.

I'd suggest you start with your local city requirements and go from there.

Since you don't have a location listed, its hard to give you any more advice.

One thing I will suggest though is if you are selling soap that you have business liability insurance in place. Its highly recommended for anyone selling that type of product.
Good point crochetgal--bath & body sellers do need to cover themselves a bit more than many other sellers.
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:44 am Jul 19, 2012 EDT
I used to sell candles and soap Yes you do need insurance to cover yourself. In most states you also need a licence. But check with were you live to be sure.
which state does not need license to sell handmade soap ?
Here in the UK you do. You can't just go making products for people to use on their skin without it being checked by a regulatory board first.

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