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do you like my avatar

I know this is probably not where I do this. But I am in the mood to break rules.
I had a pretty picture of my face up here, but thought I would try a sample of an item.
Is this a good pic? Is there something else in my shop (yes, I am asking you take a peek and let me know if you like something else better) that would be more appropriate?!
I assumed a picture of my was best until I read a lot of people saying to use product.

Hope you don't mind the plea for help.

XO - j

13 Responses

Yes. I can tell with a quick glance exactly what you sell. I personally don't click on avatars with faces. I like to see what the store sells, and if I like, I'll click!
Thanks so much !
glad to have the feedback - it was a big change for me.
I think it's perfect! Gives me an idea of what you sell and definitely made me click. :)
yippee - even better!

I think the resolution is a little fuzzy - or it's my tired eyes.
I think it's fine - the resolution seems fine on my computer...however I am on a very old one at the moment so most pictures do not look as sharp as they could be :)
Very nice.

I don't mind faces in an avatar as long as they aren't glaring out at me!
I like it. I like seeing an avatar that shows what a shop sells.
do you wanna date my avatar.....

^^^ real song. look it up on youtube, lol

i like your avatar though. i would try to avoid changing it tho. i dont know about everyone else, but i recognize people by their avatars. so pick your favorite now and try not to change it =]
I am always suprised that other people don't like to click on a shop because the avatar is a face. Maybe it is because I love to paint portraits, but I am often intrigued into clicking on a shop because they have a face for an avatar...:)

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