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is it rude to ask a seller if their item is handmade?

I have been looking for bags now for many weeks. I've seen some great leather bags but I cant tell for sure if they are handmade. is it rude to ask a seller if they can verify that they produce handmade items?

Its sad that I have to ask. but I have been wrong before. at first i thought its mass manufactured but after some digging it wasn't.

would you be mad if I asked you?

is there a nice way to ask?

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I would say go ahead and ask!
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:24 pm Jul 19, 2012 EDT
I've had people ask me through convos if my swimsuits were handmade. I didnt mind answering them. I got the chance to explain my process, let them know I do everyting and even sent a link to my facebook page with photos of my workshop and machines. I like when they ask...but that is just me, I dont get offended by much :)
I wouldn't be offended unless it stated "handmade" in the listing lol

I actually had someone ask me when I first opened if my products were handmade. I told them yes and immediately added that to my shop title and announcement.

Have you checked their shop about page? I don't use mine but a lot of shops do. Maybe their process is in there? But sure, just ask nicely. "Hey, I was just admiring your bags and I was wondering if you hand make them?" or something ...

But I'd check all their pages (policies, about page, profile, shop, listing, etc) first just to be sure ;)
Wouldn't be offended at all!

You need an about page!. I would love to see it. in fact everyone needs an about page that way I dont need to ask
personally, i wouldn't be mad if you asked me, as long as you asked politely and didn't accuse me of being a reseller. i've been in situations, not on etsy, where people will come up to me and say things like they need to check the stitching on a backpack first to know if i'm selling cheap garbage or not. if they just asked to see the stitching on an item, without all the negative stuff thrown in, i would happily help them and wouldn't feel like i'm on trial.

i would simply ask. keep it short and sweet.
Absolutely not. I wouldn't be offended at all. I appreciate the fact that people are looking to buy only handmade and do a little research to be sure.
I've been looking for a leather handbag here in the handmade and vintage categories and I definitely understand why you would want to ask. However I'm sure if you ask a reseller they will probably just say that yes, their bags are handmade.

ETA: especially since a lot of resellers seem to use "handmade with love" a lot.
I would not be offended at all. I like savvy shoppers. :)

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