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is it rude to ask a seller if their item is handmade?

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I think the only ones who would mind are the ones who are reselling.

After having someone sell my designs as their own. I'd appreciate anyone who asks!...

it's like the people who ask for ID for credit card use :) I love them. Yes, please check that it's me using it :) Only fakes care about being called out.
I think most people would not be offended, especially if you turned the question into a compliment. Something like this, ''That bag looks amazing, such great craftmanship, did you hand make all that?''.
I wouldn't be offended at all. I would be more than happy to explain how bead making is done and can even email pics of my studio.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:04 pm Jul 21, 2012 EDT
I love getting message from customers no matter what they ask! I think it's great and gets me really excited for a sale. I think you should go for it!
I don't think it's rude to ask if something is handcrafted, at all.
I sell both handcrafted and commercial supplies and occasionally get requests for an alteration of a commercial item, bigger, smaller,etc. I have no problem letting the customer know it's a commercial envelope, metal tag, etc.
Would not be offended. I sell beads but I don't make them, not yet anyways. But when I start learning how to make lampworked glass beads I will be putting that custom made or handmade in my description & maybe in my title.
Beside I THOUGHT Etsy was suppose to be all handmade items except for supplies & vintage.!?
We rather people ask to prove we make them, we can show the process of making of our stuffs step by step in photo.
I see no reason why you couldn't ask...although if someone is a "reseller" they probably wouldn't say it was not a hand made item...:)

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