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Best advice for a new shop?

What do you think is the best advice you could give to someone just starting? Etsy definitely seems intimidating to a first timer, so anything is helpful! :)

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Invest in a light box and a decent camera, and learn how to use a photo editing program like PicMonkey.

Read everything you can about SEO and relevancy.
Read, Read, Read before doing anything - Etsy has a ton of information in self-help guides and the forums are also very helpful. I wish I had read more in advance of opening my shop - so I didn't try to reinvent the wheel and end up redoing lots of things in my shop. Good luck!
read the terms of use, handbook, forums, and everything else you can when you have extra time.

learn about seo, tags, and titles.

join teams.

add items.

promote through other sources like facebook, pinterest, twitter, etc.

"""""""""""good luck, cute shop!
you beat me to it.
great minds think alike.
perfect name, by the way.
Just go in with your eyes wide open and know that running a shop will take much more time than you think. You are off to a good start so far.
Hang in there thru the downs!You've done a major job opening a shop.Big first step.Pat on back
^^^ great advice! Read Read Read. There is SO much to be learned in here. Tips, tricks and advice for every possible question you have. Search in the forums before posting and you will find a plethora of existing info! It's a great resource! Drink it up!
Thanks guys! Lots of great tips I'll try to remember. :)
My best advice is this: don't be afraid to list made-to-order items! I went six months before featuring made-to-order items, because I lacked confidence in my skills and was afraid I couldn't remake the same item similarly enough over and over.

When I finally started renewing sold listings and marking them as made-to-order, my shop became filled with more items and I started getting more sales!

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