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Creative Prcess

For those of you who are artists (handmade items), I would really LOVE to hear your response to my question…

What have you learned, in general or about yourself, in the creative process?

Today, I realized I love every step of what I create. I make miniatures and use found objects. So, I have a number of things to create before I can add them to; say... a piece of furniture and finish it. I always loved the idea of seeing it finished (sometimes, I could not wait), but, today, I realized, each step of the process is precious and each one alters my original theme/vision for the better.

It’s not a rush to the finish line.

It’s the journey.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share them.

Marsha, Enchanticals

8 Responses

I love creating, but I can't say that I love every step of my process. I love seeing my finished product and I love the beginning of me figuring out how to complete new items. But there are steps in my process that I would like to skip. Which is super helpful to have an 11 year old daughter who likes to hang out with me :) She likes to do the part I don't.
That it's critical to ALWAYS be making work and producing your art. Better to be making "bad" work than no work at all. The second you stop making your art, you're digging your own grave.
I feel so good when I finish an item I am making. And I love dressing the little dolls when I have finished knitting or crocheting their clothes. They just seem to come to life and each has it's own personality.
Thank you three very much for taking the time. My pieces to come to life and each has its own personality.

I agree- never stop creating or you will dry up. Learn new things...

Thanks again, Marsha
P.S. Sorry about the typo in the title. I don't have my glasses on and I am flying blindly. :) Marsha
Love this thread :) I get so frustrated with the process. I have to keep myself in check because I constantly have a voice in my head reminding me how expensive silver is and that makes it hard to "play" and be creative with new designs... especially has a perfectionist who remakes things until they are "just right." When I let myself go and get lost in the process it is truly blissful :)
I remember when I first decided to make a business out of my passion for designing and making dance costumes, i figured I'd get bored with any sewing that didn't involve decorative design. I've since discovered how meditative that is for me. Even if it's a hundred hand stitches to sew the lining on a belt, I just get in the zone. By the time I'm done, anything I was stressing about before hand has ceased to bother me.

What I love most is finding a piece of broken vintage jewelry and a remnant of gorgeous fabric and immediately seeing half a dozen different ways to make things out of the two. It's the sense of limitless possibility, imagining new pieces laid out with old ones from my stash of trinkets, and playing until the "rightest" one jumps out and screams, "No, make ME" :)
I thoroughly enjoy coming up with the concept in my head and being able to bring it to life via my crochet.
The trial and error of making a pattern can be frustrating, but it's very much what I love doing.
I'm my worst critic, but I still have the confidence to believe what I'm doing is worth it.
Opening a shop is definitely a learning process and growing experience, as an artist.

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