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How much do you make selling on Etsy?

It's a rather indiscrete question, I know. But I'm about to open a shop & I'm afraid to give it all my energy because I don't know what to expect... I see wonderful shops on Etsy every day, but I don't know if the profit these shop owners get from selling their stuff is as wonderful as it seems. Can you guys help me build an approximation..?

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not much, but then again I sell mostly jewelry and that is overly saturated.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:56pm May 15, 2014 EDT
^ agree i made 100.00 in the last 3 months thats about it
Not much. I gotta buy discount cat food in bulk.
This made me smile in real life :)
Just as long as you are not the one eating it......
*wipes tea off computer screen*
I needed a laugh today. We may have to start buying discount dog food if sales don't pick up.
Rofl J.C!

Good one ... Made me chuckle too.
I just snorted way too loud from laughing at this :P
JC made my day, haha.
Fabulous! Such fun!

I hope all of your sales pick up. ;0)
haha! love it! :)
There are too many variable to give a correct answer. Plus, it's a secret......shhhhhh.
LOL! I can keep secrets!
I saw you on the FP today! Your stuff should be on there daily, imo.
So far- not much, but hopefully I will start to make more $$$.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:38pm Jul 24, 2012 EDT edited
you can't expect anything.

most people work really hard on their shop, and some of them make it.

a few people just list and the sales pile in.

many people do nothing, and get very little.

well I am in the area of your point 1 2 and 3 and still sales are slow for me
Hehe! I know what you mean.
I average about $500 a month so I profit about $300
There are some sellers that make a very good living on ETsy an others struggle.

You don't know until you try.
oops i let the secret out lol
Hehe! Never mind! I didn't get it! I love your little shoes.
How much is not much? Because, for example, if I could get like 20$ a week out of this, I'd be happy. More would be better, of course. But with that, I'd be happy.
Well, a goal of $20/week shouldn't disappoint you, and leaves plenty of room for growth.

It takes time. You can seriously work hard at this for a year and see small results. Just keep in mind that continuing to work at it can make the difference.

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