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If I wasn't so tired, I would cry!

Shipped a HUGE (for me) wholesale order out nearly 2 weeks ago. I'd shipped samples to this big company before but this was the first big order so I wanted to make a good impression. It took nearly 10 days of sewing but I got it done early & shipped it out with tracking, signature required and insurance.

Looks like all four boxes have gone missing. What?! I went to my post office (awesome workers there!) and they told me if they haven't arrived by Monday we'll file a claim. Umm....I don't want the insurance money I want the boxes to arrive.

To make matters worse, I've entered the tracking numbers a dozen times and "no information is available at this time" on all 4 boxes. Yes, I checked with the p.o. to make sure I was entering them correctly. Tried 3 customer service phone numbers & all I got was automated messages telling me "no info. available at this time."

My 3 year old hasn't been feeling well so I've been up almost all night the past 2 nights, my mom is waiting on biopsy results which is stressful, and if these packages really are lost I will need to spend the next week sewing like crazy to remake all 140 dresses, etc. and they'll still be late arriving at my customer's door. I worked so hard to make a good impression!

Any happy "once was lost but now they're found" type stories out there? I need to restore my optimism before I turn to massive amounts of chocolate (I'm TRYING to stay on a diet!).

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I`d call PO numbers and ask for supervisers ... I get 1 little pakgage going missing here and there- but 3 boxes?

Also, i`m so sorry You need to deal with this :(
I am sure it will work out... it is the holidays and post offices are under-manned and maybe a little slow.....

Good Luck, I am sure they will turn up !
It's actually 4 boxes. I'm trying to hold out hope that since there's that many there's no way they could actually ALL be missing. I was told today that there was probably "a glitch" and they'll be there today or tomorrow. Of course, with no tracking showing up......

I have no "lost but now found" story for you, but I agree about talking to a supervisor. Four is a big number to lose, I bet they got stuck on a shelf somewhere. Good luck!!
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:17pm Jul 27, 2012 EDT
So sorry to hear this is going on. Hope the little one is feeling better and that the biopsy results come back negative-thats the only negative you need right now. I agree with Nodsu, get a supervisor on the phone, asap. A little dark chocolate never hurt anyone, releases endorphins, the feel good hormones.
They post updates on tracking at night, so hang in there. How did you send them - parcel post or priority?
Yikes, I'm sorry to hear you have to deal with all of this. Hopefully it's just some glitch, because there's no way they could lose that many boxes!
Oh, I truly hope it's just a glitch! Lots of positive thoughts going out your way, and for good news with your mom. Hang in there.
I do.

I had a LARGE (and expensive) package go missing at Christmas time. I had tracking info and was getting nothing.

Turns out it was probably the large size that messed me up. The worker bees just kept shoving it to the next pile because it didn't fit nicely into their stacks.

It did show up (late). But I did throw a fit at the P.O. (nicely), and got a supervisor on it. They did the calling around and finally found it.

So there IS hope.

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