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Paypal shipping?

When I have had my 2 orders I noticed where it said ....print shipping label but I dont know what options they have for shipping and was afraid to push the button and commit to something I didnt want. I currently print from usps account.This seems possibly easier if I know where to see options?

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Does anyone use this service, why?
When you push the button, it takes you to UPSP shipping options. You don't commit just by pressing the button.

You can go through and check the address of the buyer, chose your shipping type, chose things like insurance and tracking, enter your customs info, etc.

You can always "cancel" at anytime, prior to finalizing....
You also get DC for very cheap and can print the labels with the shipping coming out of your PayPal account.

If you have pick up mail service, you can drop this in your mail box for pick up by your postman....
Lots of people on Etsy use paypal to print shipping labels, myself included. You can print USPS first-class shipping labels, which you can't through USPS, and we get the commercial base discount + free delivery confirmation, so it's cheaper than going to the post office in person. You just need a printer to print the labels, and you need to know the weight of your package.
your paying close to .30 cents more per package when you don't use paypal shipping. why do you want to pay that much more for each order?
Paypal shipping is convenient because you won't have to add the address if the buyer used Paypal. Paypal adds it for you. You can choose different options.

Paypal offers:

1st class
Parcel Post
Priority International
I have always used Paypal for shipping. Delivery confirmation is free with Priority Mail and First Class and only .19 for Parcel Post. Also, when you use Paypal, you have all of your payments and information in one place.
I have a question about this too, I know it's been discussed before, but can you just print on regular paper and then use clear packing tape to put it on your package? Or do you print your shipping labels on special sticker paper?

If so, It sounds like you just need to get a scale and then can do all shipping, except maybe international, from home easily. Yes?
@Jenn, that's correct! You can just print on normal paper and tape over it (but don't cover the barcode!) I use a thermal printer though (Dymo 450 Turbo) because my sales volume has gotten to the point where I don't have time to be sitting there cutting and taping labels.

And yup, you just need a digital scale to weigh the items and you can print from home, except for international. If you want to print USPS first-class international shipping labels, Paypal doesn't currently offer that, although rumor is they may release that option later this year. I use Endicia for Mac, which costs $15.99/month to print intl labels.

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