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Can Anyone Help on Jewelry Photography

I use a lightbox with three OTT lights, one on top and one on each side.

I really struggle with taking my jewelry pictures (actually, with any pictures). I have to edit them so much to lighten and brighten them that often the rhinestones get a flat look to them rather than showing the clarity and depth.

I use a Nikon Coolpix 7600 digital camera. I can move the exposure to the top of the plus side, clear to the bottom of the minus side and it makes no difference. My pictures come out grey and I have to lighten and brighten them a lot. I've wondered if I needed a new camera. Have had this one for several years. But, I hate going to that expense if I just need to do something simple.

I find myself avoiding taking pictures because it is so difficult to get a good one right off the bat. Are there tricks that I don't know of? Any help will be appreciated.

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Inactive Etsy Member 3:36 pm Jul 29, 2012 EDT
I have had this exact same problem.

What I have ended up doing is getting a piece of galvanised sheet that you can pick up from any metal workshop. If you put your jewellery on that and use natural light, I find that it helps alot. I do not need to edit any of my photographs after using this technique.

I hope it works for you

I have the same problem and gave up using my lightbox altogether. People will advise you to take your pictures in indirect natural light - and that is excellent advice - but it would still be great to be able to use a lightbox without having this problem. Sigh.
i've never used a lightbox. i just set up in a windowsill that isn't getting direct sunlight and use the macro setting on my camera.
Try taking photo on light colored background, ivory seemed to work well for me. And yes, like Tara said, take the photo next to a window. Natural light is the best. Hope this helps!
Thanks for your responses!

Anytime I take a picture in "natural light" I seem to fight blue tones in my white which are difficult to correct. I do use my macro when taking the pictures, also. I also take my photos with a white background most of the time, unless the jewelry is very light colored. I find that a gray background really preserves the depth, but doesn't show up well as a first picture.

This has to be my most frustrating part of selling online...getting good pictures without spending an eternity in getting them!!
My photos are far from perfect but let me make a suggestion concerning the rhinestone. I have similar issues with clear crystals. I have found fidgeting with the sharpness and contrast have better results than adjusting the exposure.
Try manually adjusting the white balance on your camera. I had to look up how to do it with mine, but if you do that with a piece of white paper then take your pictures it helps a lot.
As far as correcting color decrease the saturation when editing. That will mute the tones a bit. First correct any exposure and shadow issues then turn down the saturation
I agree about adjusting the white balance, it may need to be reset. You may also need more lights. I use 6, 100 watt OTT bulbs, yes 6! I started with three but found it wasn't enough and kept adding.

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