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Google keywords?

Hello all. We just opened 3 weeks ago and have had over 1300 views - we're pretty happy with that. Just curious though.. in checking our stats, we see that only 15 came from google.com. Under the "keywords" section, there are only zeros.
Does anyone know what this means? We try to follow all advice regarding google search, doesn't seem to be working - or is this normal?

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It means that nobody searching in google found you using any keywords.
How on earth do you have 1300 views? What have you been doing? :O Great job! I can't answer your question, but I hope you can help me. :P
Lucky I guess Melissa! Lots and lots of reading and tweaking - also, up to a point, it seems the more you've got in your shop, the more views. So keep building and good luck. Love your drawings!
Anybody else know why people aren't finding us through google search? (I mean in general terms)
I never get any views from google, either. I'm getting a good number of views from Etsy, and I keep working on my tags and titles. I'm interested to hear what others have to say.

I do wonder if it just has to do with the sheer number of items that come up in a google search for any of the types of things I sell.
Maybe. I'm just wondering if this is common or not, or if there's something we need to be working on.
Google is too crowded to be found, I think.
I've had a similar thing happen to me, actually, and was also curious about it. Same thing as you; I've a couple search results from Google, but no keywords. I was really confused, but glad to hear it's not isolated to me.
Been selling here just over a year. I have stopped trying to please Google and just concentrate on doing the best I can here on Etsy to stay relevant within their search realm.

Sometimes we spread ourselves too thin trying to please all the gods...

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