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Help! I haven't made a single sale yet...

Hi all,
My shop has been open on Etsy now for 3 months and I have yet to make a single sale!
I have participated in trades but that's my lot.
I've tried all the tips and tricks - my photos are clean and clear, my tags are adjusted, my title and descriptions have been written by a professional, I constantly update, I have a facebook page, I've done blog giveaways, I participate on forums, I relist several times a day.

What am i doing wrong? *buried head in pillow*


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Hi there,

First off, welcome to Etsy! I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling to get that first sale. I think in speaking with your fellow sellers, you’ll see many people can relate.

The tips here are great. The seller community is definitely one of your biggest resources. If you are ever looking for an in-depth critique, I would suggest you check out a critique team, over here: www.etsy.com/teams/search/?search_query=critique&sort=relevancy&sea...

I also wanted to tip you off to the newest edition of the Seller Handbook. It’s a massive, extremely valuable resource of information about everything Etsy, especially helpful to new sellers: www.etsy.com/blog/en/2012/the-seller-handbook/. Check it out!


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Hang in there! Make treasuries, post on these forums, etc. I have been on here for less than a month without a sale. Last night I was so discouraged...I know how you must feel. Good luck. Your stuff looks great! :)
You certainly don't need to improve on your photos - they are beautiful!
are you promoting outside of Etsy?
thats the key. there are literally millions of jewelry items listed here. you have to find your target market and bring them to your shop.
Hi Jennifer -

I understand! I just posted on another thread of similar nature...and I'll say the same to you - keep up the great work. It takes time! I've had over 1,000 views and just got my 1st sale yesterday!! I've worked hard at my photos, tags, listings, etc. too and know the frustration you're feeling.

Your shop is very nice - excellent photos, beautiful shop banner. Have you thought about advertising somehow on sites that do weddings, Quinceanera, batmitzvahs, or bridal showers? Your hairpieces are so pretty - more fancy than perhaps some people would wear daily. Just a thought.

All the best to you! Keep your chin up!

Hey Jennifer it's very discouraging I know. Your shop looks great I certainly can't see anything obvious. It says you have 2 sales though ?? Hang in there.
I've had 3,286 views in total and 412 favourites - but no bites yet.
It makes me think that my pricing is wrong but I've researched and marked up etc and don't want to price myself too low either.
Hello Jennifer!

Your pictures, titles, and tags look awesome. It took me about three months to make my first sale here, too.

Do you have a Facebook page? You can also use Wanelo, Pintrest, and many others to promote your shop. It's frustrating, but it takes time.

I hope this helps somewhat, in the least to know that it's normal.
I read on one of the tips and tricks treads that people can be discouraged by odd price structures. That they respond better to prices that are multiples of 5. So maybe your pricing is an issue? I don't know, I've been here since May and have only had 2 sales, so I'm in somewhat the same boat.

Just keep promoting and hang in there. Good luck!
Hi Paula - The two "sales" are trades with other sellers.

It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one. I'm reluctant to buy advertising as of yet as I haven't really heard great things...

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