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OMG - our products/pics are all over Alibaba!

I can't believe it. I've read it here so many times but am just amazed that this happened to us. How and why in the world do they do this? Are they recreating our products???

What do I do and thanks for anyone who has gone before and fixed this mess.

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Creepy. I will bump it for you.
Wow.. I know that you hate this. contact the seller?
So sorry this is happening to you.

Its happened to others as well

Geez, after seeing this happen so many times, I wish there were a way to file one huge class action suit.

I'm sorry this is happening to you, and wish I could offer more advice other than contact the hosting site, the seller and perhaps the domain host as starters. If that doesn't accomplish anything, then I'd be talking with an attorney.
I don't get this at all. How can someone else make your exact product. I don't understand.
I think this has been happening for a couple years now ...
From another Alibaba thread..

Please use the following link to report any alleged infringing products.

For rules and instructions, please refer to link below.

You will need to create an account but it should be able to be taken care of.

Eileen, they don't make the exact product. That's the problem! They use the great photos from the Etsy seller and make knockoffs.
Thank you all. Eileen, I don't understand it either! There are loads of them with our pictures, our descriptions, etc... I was doing keyword research on google and stumbled upon them - quite a SHOCK!

I'm trying to report them right now but I have to sign up with Alibaba and now it's not recognizing the password I used - arrrrrgh! So aggravated right now. It makes us look like resellers!

Crochetgal - thank you!!
So I just changed my password and it's still telling me my password is incorrect. What in the world do I do???

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