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Large sleeves for prints

I'm looking around for places to get large sleeves for 11x14 prints. I've looked at uline but I don't want 1000 bags at the moment. I only really want maybe 100 for now. www.clearbags.com is not an option for me because I'm in Canada and it estimated shipping to be over $30 for orders costing less than that.. (!!) I have looked at www.clearbags.ca though and that may be an option, but then I've seen listings on both Etsy and Ebay that are cheaper than clearbags.ca... I'm just wondering what else might be out there. Thanks for any help!

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Try the seller PeabosPlace - he might have something you could use.
Not sure how much their shipping would be to Canada, but these guys sell in smaller quantities (as low as 10). I've ordered from them before and they're good.

You can usually find them at your local professional art supply stores or photography stores like Vistek. They will have them available in much smaller quantities. I usually buy 11x14 and smaller at Vistek . I am pretty sure that they have several Toronto locations. Bags larger than 11x14, I get from Clearbags.
morechenillechateau - Hm that shop doesn't seem to ship outside of the US, but thanks for the help!

Mel - I tried checking out on matcutter but shipping was pretty hefty as well. (The problem with ordering from Canada.. boooo.) Thanks though!

Jacqueline - Unfortunately Vistek is a bit out of the way for me, but thanks for letting me know because I didn't know they carried the sleeves. I'll try to look around locally but there's not a whole lot around here. Otherwise I'll most likely purchase from Etsy or Ebay :) Thanks though!

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