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Paypal Here? Cell phone credit card swipy things?

Hey all,

I am just getting started with doing shows for selling my jewelry. Has anyone used the Paypal Here (with the card swipy thing you put on your cell phone) as a way to accept credit cards at art & craft shows? I am currently set up through my bank to accept credit cards but I can't stand the monthly fees they charge me. So I'm looking for a change that is easy and less expensive.

What happens if your cell phone battery dies or your cell isn't connecting to the web? Can you enter credit card pymts in manually?

Thanks a bunch!

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I have not used it, but I have used Square (squareup.com) and it's great! Easy to sign up, free reader and the funds go directly to your bank--- not through Paypal.

You need a web or 3G connection to use it, and battery power is an issue. But I know that you can enter CC's manually- but you pay a slightly higher fee for doing so.
I have both Square and Paypal Here- I actually prefer the Paypal one because the funds go into my PP account vs my personal bank account.

It works great and is just as easy as square- only you have your funds immediately instead of waiting a few days for it to show up.
I have square, and signed up for paypal here but its not available for my phone yet.
ok....great! Thank you everyone. I'll check into both.
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:32 pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT
If your battery dies, your done. Make sure to take a charger.
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:35 pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT
I use square, but it's reliant on the Internet. I used it for one fair and it was highly successful.
I used Square at my last fair and it worked beautifully. And customers always ask what it is and when I explain what it does they love it and want to see how it works and I explain I can demonstrate if they purchase something ;)
I love my Paypal Here :) very easy to use and you can access your money right away.
When I called to find out what phone was needed for PayPal, I was told I had to have a 4G. That is not available in all places.

Square is available with a lesser phone. Check both websites.

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