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Guest post for promotion

Have you ever considered guest posting on blogs to get some exposure for your handmade business? A few of my favorite places to share are:


Submit your etsy items, treasuries, blog posts, or even just a helpful tip. This is a fantastic community.


They take blog posts. You have to have excellent photography and a relevant article, but there's a huge pay-off. The articles I've submitted to Craftgawker have received tens of thousands of views. If you have a tutorial or how-to {or you can create one}, your article will get tons of attention on Craftgawker (and consequently on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Stumble Upon).

Heart Handmade blog:

I love this site! You can submit your shop and story for feature. The "Get Featured" page is set up like an interview template: it's so fun!

Marketing Creativity
Disclaimer: it's my site! :)

I'm currently looking for guest posts, and I often feature top sellers in beautiful interview spreads. Click "New here?" or the email icon to get in touch.

Also, if you're new to a software or some other type of skill, write an article about that! I recently learned how to create typography posters, so I wrote up a big article about it (I even included video tutorials). www.marketyourcreativity.com/2012/07/graphics-typography-font-oh-my/

When the creators of the software I was using found out about it, they posted it on their tutorials page ... bringing me tons of traffic I never expected.

Where else do you post or write about your products?

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great info, thanks! i haven't done as much as i should / could, but i do have some squidoo lenses which i've had some success with. I know there is so much more i can do, but only so much time and creativity here.
Thanks for all the info, going to check them out.
Thanks, and fancy4u, I just signed up for Squidoo last night! I'm trying to figure that whole thing out ... good tip!
@Lisa, i was surprised at the 'weight' that site has as far as tags go, it comes up in searches very well. I think you'll like the flexibility of it also, lots can be done there that I haven't even explored yet!
These are excellent sources. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to check them out.

I'll also throw in ezinearticles.com. An SEO professional whose workshop I went to last year highlighted this website as another good promotional source.
Thank you, Farragio, for another great resource.

@fancy4u, I'm sold! I'll definitely spend more time with it.
handmadeology site is nice. thanks for sharing..
Oh my goodness, papernstitch


I can't believe I missed this in the original post. Submit your shop items to be featured in their very popular gallery!

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