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Etsy front page wedding banner...

Um...ok it was nice for a while but can we do something about this....I know I know ...when I looked at it yesterday it said "shop back to school" ....can't we do something related to fall??? Anyone else have any opinions on this matter??? Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this but thought it needed addressing.

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:27am Aug 7, 2012 EDT
Can we just let the banner thing go?
It's a much-discussed topic, unfortunately it appears to be how Etsy wants to present itself, or to highlight/feature, or position itself to new visitors. To me, it seems like that is what Etsy is about: wedding gift and items shopping site when I view the homepage. Maybe this is really big business and the way they feel will bring the maximum draw(?)
@Diana, I'm sure this is the OP has mentioned it and didnt mean to harp.
I think it causes some new customers to think that weddings are the main focus of etsy, and it really hurts the rest of us if buyers not interested in weddings leave
If Etsy is making money off the wedding banner I doubt they'll completely get rid of it. You're definitely not the only one raising this issue.
I wish it would go away permanently too, but I am thankful that at least SOMETIMES there's the back-to-school banner...
Maybe when it gets closer to Halloween there will be a Halloween banner :)
I guess its ok for those that sell mainly wedding items and I'm sure it doesn't bother them at all...but for those of us that don't sell "wedding" items per say...I just feel like it leaves us in the dark. I understand that promoting weddings on Etsy's front page lets people know where to find some amazing wedding stuff for that " oh so special day" and I realize that people are willing to drop a load of dough for wedding items. ... Just sayin that enough is enough ya know....I mean.. c'mon...When stores start selling Christmas items full force in the middle of summer...by the time its close to Christmas, I am sick of it and ready for it to be O-V-E-R with. Too much of a good thing tends to spoil it for me. Just my opinion. Everyone has one. :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:28pm Aug 7, 2012 EDT
Lol, don't mind me. This has been an ongoing complaint, I'd say about daily on here.

Rather than join in on the other threads on the subject, a new one is started.


Lol, again, don't mind me, I just think that if Etsy changes the banner, someone will complain about it. They remove it and someone will complain about it.

Complain, complain. And now I'm complaining about the complaining. Lol. ;-)
LOL! I'm sorry...guess I should have checked the threads...didn't realize this was an on going thing. You're right....people will complain no matter what. Please don't think I'm being horrible....I guess I just like variety and that's ok. LOL! Hope you're all having a splendid day!!!!

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