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Using StumbleUpon ?

Hi all!

My question is regarding the use of StumbleUpon for more exposure.
I added some of my listings to "added new pages" in StumbleUpon and actually received automatic views in the hundreds! However, an hour or so later, the views came to a complete halt and there are no longer any views coming from StumbleUpon. Does this mean i have to "add new pages" every time i want exposure from the site?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Molly Ellick from SerendipityDollworks

Changed from Malitav on Feb 25, 2015

9:53 am Aug 6, 2012 EDT
I just added my site this morning and have views coming in. I'd like input too!
Continually adding your own pages will only get your Stumble account frozen. The site is for promotion, yes, but not just your own items.

The best way to continually be in the rotation is to have others stumble your items. There are stumble teams that you can join that will assist with this.

Also, in my experience, Stumble can be a hit or miss on any given day. It all depends on the who/what/when/where searches by people on Stumble. In the past, photography and crafts would bring high views. Then, bizarre/oddities would get the high views.

Tagging is important, though I do not believe that using a large number of tags will help as I don't think it recognizes tags after a certain number. What that number is I do not know. I have hear rumors of 5 but I could be wrong.

Almost a year ago, the very first time I was stumbled, I received thousands of views on the photo that was stumbled. However, a cautionary tale here. That item now has over 10,000 views and it has never sold.
hmmm i see. Thanks a lot for your input! I'm just not very familiar with how StumbleUpon operates since i've only had experience being the Stumbler-

I was mainly curious as to why the the views were oh so high only on the first couple of hours of upload
Yes, I read the stumbleupon thread going yesterday and decided to give it a try too. I added my own shop, got a few views right away and within a few hours it was removed from my profile on Stumbleupon. I had liked and added some other's pages also, and they where still in my profile, so I have to believe admin. removed my self promotion likes.

It probably didn't help that I used my shop name as my stumbleupon name. Check your profile, they may have removed your self promotion.

By the way, when I joined and added my shop I had not yet realized it was not allowed or I wouldn't have done it in the first place. I rushed into it without reading. My mistake.
I have been using stumbleupon for a couple of months. I have put a few of my own items on but belong to a team where we stumble each others things which I think is a safer way to do it. I don't get hundreds of views from there but I do get a steady trickle every day - maybe 12 ish it varies. I think it is better than facebook. I also use pinterest and wanelo. They all get views but stumble upon seem to be more regular.
ooo i see, thanks for the advice. I've actually never heard of wanelo, I'll definitely give that one a try as well!
Wanelo is great. My team uses that religiously. We also use other venues as part of our arsenal. Promotion is a very important part of online selling as you already know.

A tip about Wanelo. You can put your own items on there. But you CANNOT put them in more than ONE of your collections. Doing so can get that item deleted.

Again, there are Wanelo teams here on Etsy that you can join.

We use a team Wanelo board that we all promo off of. Its a more concentrated way to get our items noticed. Since we have done that several our members have been on the trending pages.
I have been receiving hits from stubleupon. didn't know what it was until i saw this thread.
I have a question - you know how you click the 'Stumble!' button and a site randomly pops up? I think that is what is counting as a view - not someone deliberately clicking on your item to see more - is that correct? It would explain why so many views but no sales..... I hate to get my hoeps up about the views I'm getting from Stumbleupon... :(

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