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Stolen Package?

Okay, I know this has come up a million times on here but here it goes...

I just received an email from a customer informing me that her package was stolen from her mailbox. This has never happend to me before and the payment method was through Etsy not PayPal. Normally I get insurance but the cost of shipping was higher than I anticipated so I was stupid and did not insure said package. The package was also much too large to have ever been left in a mailbox so I'm assuming it was left at the door or somewhere on the customers property.

I'm not sure how to proceed in this situation. I messaged her back and asked her to check with her neighbors and am waiting for a response.

The item was one of a kind and there is no way for me to make the same exact thing.

Any suggestions from anyone who has encountered this would be great.

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I have had this happen only once when I was then selling on eBay--and a different, larger product.

In my case I was able to send her another--but if you can't then you should refund in full--including shipping.
I'm curious how she knew it was stolen? That would seem to indicate she saw it delivered, but did not go get it, which would be her fault. It apparently was delivered and she has confirmed it was. This sounds like it might be a situation in which she may need to file under her homeowner's or renter's insurance, rather than it coming back to you.
Just curious If she didn't receive it how did she know that it was stolen? Unless they checked the delivery confirmation number which would have stated delivered.
Tough one. If it was indeed stolen i don't believe that as a seller we are responsible if there is proof that it was delivered. They probably have buyer protection through their credit through their credit card company, homeowners or renters insurance. I state in my policies that confirmed delivery confirmation is proof of delivery.
How does the buyer know that it was stolen?
I have the same concern but on the opposite side of the fence. I purchased
A product that shipped from Europ and I did not get it yet. And the original tracking number from Europe is not recognized here by USPS. it teaches me to add insurance to each item I am shipping from my store.

I hope your customer will find the package. However, if younsent pacing and youmhave a tracking number that proved the package was delivered how is your fault shendid not get it? Or, did she really did not get it?
Although I did not get insurance, I always get a tracking number. I checked tracking for the package myself and it does show it was delivered. I'm assuming she checked the tracking also and this is how she concluded it was stolen. But there is no way it was delivered to her mailbox so I don't know where she came up with that theory.
She should go to the post office and see if they took it back . That has happened to me before where they mark it as delivered and don't even leave a note but leave it at the post office itself. She can go to the PO with the tracking number written and they can look for it there. It has worked for me every time.
I would ask the customer to check with their post office or postal carrier. They would know if it wasn't but in the box where they left it. I wasn't aware that the mail could be left outside the box. I always get a note to pick it up at the post office when something won't fit in my mailbox. I live in a gated complex and they never just leave it
I've had my mailman leave items at my door in the past. I'm not sure what the situation is where she lives. I will message her and ask her to check with her PO to see if they do indeed have it there for her. Hopefully that is the case.

Thanks for all of the feedback :)

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