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open studios

Im am taking part in open studios for the first time ever and it starts in less than a month so beginning to panic! :)
has anyone ever taken part and do you have any tips?
If any one is near cornwall or devon between the 25th aug to the 2nd sep pop by and see my ceramics and mums hand dyed threads and fabrics and textiles! :)

Here is the link

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Wow what a talented groups of artists. Sorry don't have any tips. Everything of the best for when you open your studio.
I think the best thing you can do is be very friendly. if you can look like you are working on something that adds interest. Have free water. Very important, have stacks of cards here and there for people to take with them. Good Luck!
I LOVE open studios! I'm in the US but I'm sure they're the same all over.

Like Deirdre said, be friendly and inviting into your space but let people look around on their own. Some folks will come in and poke about and not say anything while others will ask you all kinds of questions.

Make sure you have bags and wrappings for people buying/taking away. And change in case they pay in cash.

Have some promotional materials - postcards/fliers/business cards to hand out to people who seem interested in your work.

I like to show some in-progress pieces so people can get a feel for how I paint/draw. Some people also like to see sketchbooks or other planning stages.

So much fun! I'm getting ready for my third open studios coming up in September. Have a great time! :)
I echo what Deirdre had to say about the water. The day I did one was quite warm. I just had a basket of water bottles and snacks at the door and offered them on the way OUT. Also, a little creative clutter makes your studio look more like you have been working. Enjoy it. They are fun.
I've got my first one coming up as well!
I figured that people might like to see the feltmaking in progress so I am going to work whilst they are visiting.
Thanks Sarah I hadn't thought of wrapping equipment.
Mine is in Ceredigion, Wales 16th August - 17th September over 100 artists taking part.
MUST tidy studio

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