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Learning new things for your business.

I love learning new stuff and spend hours researching, learning, failing, succeeding.

In order to come up with unique designs, I've taught myself how to use Photoshop and make collages for my switch plates. It's been an ongoing process, but I feel confident enough now to put some of them out there.

Are you happy just knowing what you know, or are you always wanting to learn new things for your business. Do you teach yourself, or do you take courses?

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i'm always learning something new. i've been doing a lot of experiments with resin. i have some books and tutorials that i'm following. i'm not 100% happy with my work, which is why i haven't listed anything yet, but i'm getting there.
I always want to learn new things! I'm in the teach myself camp, I love to experiment with new ways of doing what I do, making prototypes and trying different methods.
I LOVE to learn new techniques! Although I mostly sell cross-stitch here on etsy, in real life I love all sorts of crafts, and I'm always trying to learn new stuff via tutorials and library books.
always learning. when you sell vintage, there's always more to learn. i guess that's true with anything, though.

in addition to learning more about vintage fashion, i also like to learn about running a business in general. always room for improvement! it keeps life interesting.
I'm always learning and trying new things. So thankful for the internet, and it's endless supply of information.
I am always reading tutorials and checking out how to video's as a source of inspiration for new designs. I like to keep learning always and not become stagnant or bored, that applies to all aspects of my life not just my business.
I'm always trying to learn more. Especially when it comes to stuff about running a small business. I do a ton of research, read studies, articles, etc.
The artsy stuff is fun to learn and a no-brainer that I want to learn more, the small biz stuff takes more discipline but, IMO, it's almost a tad more important to learn that info to have a small business that will make you money.
Gina I am always researching my products (nothing to teach myself with regards sewing techniques though) and to eventually add new lines- thats where the difference is - you have one product and can do your research accordingly

I cannot find enough hours in a day (other than sleep less than the 4 hrs I already do) to research further

So my betterment is to be found easier (seo etc..) and wow does that take a lot of time

Its great to learn and better ones product though and kudos to those that do

Before the internet, I read magazines like a crazy woman...cost me a fortune.

So besides being a never ending source of info, the internet has actually saved me money...don't have to feed that magazine habit so much anymore.

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