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From 110 yesterday to only 11 today???

Something is just not right with this site. How can one have 110 views in a single day (yesterday), followed by just 11 today? I spent so much time on SEO last week - I read the entire 5-part article and did EVERYTHING that was suggested. And as a result, I am no longer being found in searches. This is SO frustrating!!!!!!

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Join the club, I was averaging 100 a day and today I am at 6! The past few weeks have been horrible!
259 today for me.. not sure what's up.
The Great ETSY Salad Toss...
One day on page one in my search and the next day on page 10!
there are days when people are shopping for items like yours and days when they are not.
my items started being seen less when etsy changed the way searching worked. I just pray the one person needing my item will be able to find me :)
I've been there too. I had a great period of views and sales and then nada. Keep working at it is all you can do.
My views and sales slowed down but I'm going to take advantage & build my inventory, etc
127... I have been aiming for 150... I reached the amount of favorites I was aiming for though, so all is not lost.

I have received 20 views from etsyviews.com ??
And 3 from Etsy Homepage ???????????????
I don't know whats up.
OK, glad it's not just me. I guess the only number that REALLY matters is sales, and that's been stuck on 3 for two weeks now. It's funny, I show up sooner when I search for my stuff on google than when I search on Etsy.

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