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What am I doing wrong?

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Inactive Etsy Member 8:43 pm Aug 7, 2012 EDT
My last sale was on March of last year.
This year I revamped my shop with better photos,
A new Banner
Have a blog
Am on Instagram and Pinerest and of course FB and Twitter
Yet I still have no sales this year.
What am I doing wrong?
I have even had coupons and give aways on FB to promote my shop and still nothing.
Please please share your wisdom!

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People probably are not finding your items. Your item titles should be a fairly large grouping of key phrases that people would search if they were looking for what you sell.

Thsi one:

You haven't mentioned anywhere in your title what you are selling. Is it a brooch?, a hair clip?

Once you have a good title, then you need to repeat all of those phrases in your tags (using multi word tags). Use ALL the tag slots as well. Use all 5 picture slots and supply the dimensions of the item in your description.

An example of a good title might be:
Blue Flower Hair Clip Large Fascinator Freshwater Pearls
Well, for starters, your product titles don't include any words that correlate to what people search for.

Nobody searches for 'big bloom' or 'pin'. 'Brooch' might be more appropriate.

Think about what words you'd use to locate a product like yours...then use them in your titles.
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:51 pm Aug 7, 2012 EDT
Totally agree on titles. Your pics are very good, but I still can't really tell what it is I'd be getting. If it's a blue flower hair clip, then "blue flower" "blue hair clip" and "flower hair clip" all need to be in the titles, tags and description
Cute shop! Some people might think your prices are very low for the quality you explain that you have (hand painted, hand stitched...) Things take time to hand make and if you are priced that low many people would think there's got to be something wrong with them or that they aren't quality for that price. The price doesn't seem like it covers the cost and time to make, let alone the other costs. After etsy and paypal fees you would be left with very little. There are some great etsy articles on pricing that you might find helpful.

You'll also want to take a look at the tags as I saw many that didn't really explain what it is and aren't potential search terms. Try looking at google analytics for help with good search terms and help on seo.

Best of luck! You have some great orchids and flowers you make.
Use Google's keyword suggestion tool to find other relevant key words:

Also, go to thesaurus.com and search for other words for brooch, clip, or pin.
And read everything you can in the forums on SEO. People can't buy your items if they can't FIND your items.
LOvely creative work, but I agree with the others,. I have no clue as to what they are made for. The first words of your title is one of your most important selling points How about:.
Flower Hair clips
Flower belt clip, and add a clip that can be placed on a Fabric Belt.
Suede Flower brooch, and show one with the back brooch pin already in place, if you can, and attached to a Blazer or Dress that is low cut in front. Would make a Great accent. to any outfit. These flowers would be great if you can add a pin on it, and put it on to a Hat, to show customers how to sruce up a Hat, that would be a lovely idea. People like to see things Visually as to how items can be worn.
Even better you have such nice pieces, that they would look great on a Fabric Black thin Choker/Necklace, whether Glued on or pinned, and worn to the side. Good Luck, you can do so many different things with these Flowers. As everyone says, put the info on your tags. Good Luck to you. You can increase your sales.
Keywords are the key, use words in your title that people will use in search
that way you are more likely to get views all the best.

Just so Beautiful,


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