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If you dont respond in 48 hours, you will lose my business

I just wanted to throw that out there, because I feel that a lot of shop owners are losing business because of slow response times and I would never want to see anyone lose business for that reason. Especially when youre dealing with wedding items, and things are hectic, the quicker the response the better.

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Ok, sounds reasonable :)
Sallie from PeculiarlyPrim

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10:12 pm Aug 7, 2012 EDT
I understand where you are coming from, but sometimes life does happen.
I agree, but things can come up. If you need something soon and you don't get a response, I agree you should just move on but always let the seller know you have looked elsewhere!
I check Etsy everyday and I always respond to questions immediately. I don't understand why anyone would not.
Sounds really reasonable! I know things can come up and it depends on each one. But It doesn't take to long to drop off a quick letter.
To play devil's advocate, I have heard a lot of sellers say that personal issues sometimes get in the way of them responding. Others say their shop is "closed" on the weekends so they don't respond to convos then either.

I do see where these people are coming from but I hope they understand that they WILL loose business over this.

I my two shops, there is hardly ever a time that I don't respond within an hour and most of the time it is within 10 minutes (I am a little Etsy psycho). As a buyer, I too walk away from a shop if I have not heard back within 24 hours.
I know there are a lot of great sellers who respond very fast! But there is just as many who will respond DAYS later, and its just like "ugh"!

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