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What is your pet peeve as a buyer?

Someone mentioned on a previous post that they hated it when sellers didn't show the back of their item and it made me curious; what are other buyers (or sellers) pet peeves?

(So we can avoid them =D)

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Interesting conversation! I'm sure sellers appreciate input from the buyer side.

I wanted to chime in to remind everyone to keep your posts general. Please don't mention specific transactions and disputes, as those are considered private and not appropriate for the public Forums.

Thanks, and carry on!

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sellers that say "im not responsible for items lost in the mail"
In regards to earrings, it always bugs me when they don't show them hanging. They don't need to be on a model, but just have them hanging off a cup or something so I have an idea how the earrings sit.
Sellers that won't accept a return - what if I get the item and it looks nothing like the photo!?
i usually leave the shop if it has no location filled in, just me, i like to know where the item is coming from
I hate it when sellers say that an item is sterling silver in the title, but then you read that it is actually "sterling silver plated" in the description. These sellers usually also say that the glass stones they are using are real gemstones. I make jewelry so it is easy for me to steer away from sellers like this, but I feel bad for the buyers who get fooled and I'm annoyed that my time has been wasted by reading the listings of these dishonest sellers.
I wouldn't call it a pet peeve, but it always sort of bugs me when sellers don't put their location, or put something like crafty wonderland. Even if they just put West Coast or Central Europe, so I don't have to scroll down to the bottom of the listing to see where they are. Its a minor annoyance though, not a deal-breaker.
Lego, yes! I always leave a shop that states that they are not responsible for lost items because it tells me that the seller will be difficult to deal with if there is ever a problem.
When I see a seller saying turn around is a certain time frame and they don't meet that time frame. Grant it I completely understand situations are out of our control in life but at least give a heads up saying something had happen and you've not been forgotten.

I plan around their time frame, and if that time frame isn't met then I get a little peeved because of that expectation I have.

when sellers don't respond to convos

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