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Follow Etsy Trends or Build Your Own Image?

Would you follow the "trends" of Etsy and use an all white background....or would you build your own shop image and take photos in your own style?

I have bounced all over the board with white backgrounds, busy backgrounds, plain, setting, simple, edited, colored, black and white.... Seriously everything.

I just can't seem to figure out what works best...
I just updated my photos for what feels like the millionth time.
What do you think?
What success have you found in regards to photos?

74 Responses

I caved in and went white.

I can't really complain because I get a lot of compliments about them.
LOVE this style of photograph.
I love seeing things at unique angles instead of just laying flat
Nice job.

Seems to be working WELL for you.
I love light backgrounds but not white... So I chose pale wood for my backgrounds...
I do like your new photos compared to the items you have sold in the past.
Love that one.

Nice job.
I would say I use White more. To me it's more uniformed looking and doesn't distract from the item in the photo.
How to photograph our work doesn't apply to us 2-D artists. The goal is just to match the real thing as accurately as possible so the customer is not disappointed with the received product and can value the quality of the image upfront. The only way we can tie into the Etsy merchandise report is to draw/paint/create a trendy motif/subject in the first place (owl, fox, chevron, whatever item de jour). Sigh...

However, if I were a vintage seller - I would think I would try to at least somewhat fit into to the style guide here and not stray too far from the preferred look. That said - I think your picts are lovely and nicely done.
If you take a look at my photos, you can tell that I've still not found that sense of "style" and a cohesiveness that not only works for my products but doesn't annoy the p*ss out of me. I'm all over the place. Busy backgrounds, white backgrounds, muted white, stressed wood, weathered tin. I think I'll end up choosing two backgrounds that I can use and go from there. I just don't like the white.
I happen to love white as well. I started out using colored backgrounds, but as I look back at my listings over time, I definitely like the more recent white backgrounds better. In my opinion, it makes my shop look more professional. In fact, someone recently asked me who takes my photos.... they couldn't believe I did them myself from home with a regular digital camera. That was a flattering compliment. :)

However, I still have problems photographing white or very light colored items.
I tried a white background on one of my specimens, seems ok, I guess-- most of my things tend to 'pop' more on a black background. So I go with what I think looks better for that particular specimen. I have kind of resigned myself to never being on the front page, anyway, so that doesn't play into my photo decisions at all. I just try to make them look nice :-)

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