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customer pretending to interested in your items

Has this happened to anyone on their shop, where a potential customer has enquitred about purchasing something from your shop from abroad, you make enquiries about shipping costs, but then the potential customer no long contacts you.

This is very disappointing when this happens, as you have high hopes that someone will purchase your items.

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Yes, many inquiries go through to a sale but then, many do not. Sometimes after one or more convos the potential buyer just disappears. Disappointing of course, but you learn to expect it to happen sometimes.
I had it happen to me. It was a customer who had bought from me before and she asked for several small custom orders. As she had bought before I trusted her and began to make them before payment. Never heard another sausage and they are not something anyone else would want so I'm stuck with them but I have learned a lesson.
If someone just makes an inquiry as in your situation I would not feel so bad. They may have found a better deal whilst they were waiting for information but it is disappointing.
You will find that customer inquiries are just a part of doing business @Euphena.

How many times have you been in a shop on the high street and asked the clerk a question about an item and not purchased it? The same thing happens online.

You many find too that the customer comes back later to make the purchase.
It's not about "pretending" ... customers ask questions all the time (even in b&m stores) but don't always purchase.
Happens to me and happened this week. Convos back and forth about an item with a few color changes. Silly me, bought material, made two up. Listed and never heard back.

On the plus side, I like what I made and added the item to my inventory.

Happens all the time to me! I don't get my hopes up until I hear that fantastic "bloop" sound on my iphone alerting me that I just had a sale.......:).
I never expect people to buy from when they ask me questions. I am just happy when they do.
I get lots of inquiries about my custom items. I've now learned that in the very first response to an inquiry I point out that I'm in Canada and that shipping to the US takes 10 to 14 business days. Once you combine that in with the time it takes to make the item, it does result in some lost (potential) sales. But atleast this way neither the buyer or I have wasted a bunch of time discussing something that was never going to happen.
I don't think they are pretending, they are getting clarification in order to make a decision. And, often, the decision is "don't want to buy that after all." Just part of business, I suppose.

(But, yes, that is a bummer when one has their hopes up for a sale.)

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