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I just heard from one of my customers and it looks like the USPS dropkicked the package I sent to them. It was not only rumpled, but torn open in the one corner. Now, our products are made out of wood and it was severely damaged....

They are going to email me pics of the box and product so I can complain to the postoffice. The customer was so nice about it. I told him we have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and would gladly replace it for him.

I'm just a little put off this happened. I was started to think the postoffice was doing really well.

Anyone else have the postoffice destroy your packaging?

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Not that I know of. Glad your customer is understanding. : )
I saw the lady at the post office throw my package into a bin with a lot of other packages. Made me cringe, but I was only shipping soap.

I think sometimes they are similar to the airport in the manner in which they treat packages.
Exactly why I insure packages that I'm not willing to "eat" if they get lost or destroyed. Generally under $50 I just do Priority with DC....over $50 I think hard & generally tag on insurance.

Hopefully you didn't take a big hit on the loss.

I know someone who had a package ran over with tire tracks on the outside but still delivered as if nothing went wrong...
I had a damaged package a couple of years ago. My customer was very kind about it. I just replaced the item for her.
I asked the P.O. to mark my package as fragile!

They did, then just threw it into the bin.
I cringed when I went to drop off an international order and the postal worker smacked it really hard with the "international letter" punch stamp, luckily he was about half a centimeter away from the contents >: I Hopefully the rest of the trip will be safer..
A lot of people would say marking it fragile is an invitation for the PO employees to be even more abusive.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:29pm Aug 10, 2012 EDT
Yeap. I had a package arrive "undeliverable".....and by that they meant crumpled, ripped and EMPTY!! I now pay the extra $$ for insurance.
drop kicked it??
oh boy. thats not good.........

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