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Etsy Overload At Last

I signed up to sell her in September 2011, but spent between then and January 31, 2012 learning everything I possibly could before listing my first item. I opened and have literally spent every moment I can in my shop. Sometimes starting at 7 a.m. and going into the wee morning hours. I was Etsy obsessed.

But now I think it's all caught up with me and it's becoming overwhelming. It takes me about 10 shots before I get a decent picture, I can't think of one more cheery, charming thing to say about my merchandise, I've got so much stuff to list I don't know where to start and every time I think I've got something nailed I learn that it's not the right way a all. Photos need to be reshot, tags fixed, key words researched and it's never ending.

What started out as fun has kind of got me kind of paralyzed at this point. Just wondering if after all your hard work you just kind of hit a wall where you've tried your hardest, but feel like you're still back at square one. Even when I'm away I'm constantly checking in. Have any of you stepped away from your shop for some down time or vacation time and did you feel that revived you. I sit here and don't know which way to turn because everything needs some sort of attention. I'm wondering if putting Etsy on the back burner for a few days would be the best way to recharge my batteries so I could get back to being more productive. Anyone else ever been in the same boat? Is it just the first year blues?

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I think what you're experiencing is definitely normal! I doesn't hurt a thing to put it on the back burner for a few days. Take a little vacation. You've earned it! Good luck!
I'm in my 4th year blues. And I hear you, just don't have any suggestions except maybe take some time off if you can afford to.
It sounds like finding a way to streamline your photo process would help you alot. I've got my photo set up and usually take about 3 photos for every 1 I use.
Sometimes a break is really needed, and allows you to come back with more energy and fresh ideas. Things that seem overwhelming now, might be easier to manage if you give yourself a break.
Keep your chin up and try a new approach, it sounds like you're frazzled right now (but you don't have to stay that way!)
: )
I'm worried that putting my shop into vacation mode would somehow hurt any progress I've made so far. That seems to be another issue that's debatable.
Take it easy, enjoy the process and have fun - that used to be my motto. NOW I know that I need to do something more = drastically more. Ha haaaa, I'm going to re-wamp my store soon. Yup - it never ends.
OMG Amy, you sound like me.

This past week though, I've come to realize that, like housework, my etsy shop will never be "done," and I've accepted that fact. I've been able to relax - just a bit - from the frantic mindset of needing to get it all done 'now'.

I, too, have a lot of things yet to be listed, but what I'm doing now, instead of listing them, is to save them as drafts.
Right now, I have about 250 unlisted listings - enough to replace items as they sell.

I have 571 published listings and I've claimed that as my magic number. I've been fortunate enough to sell two, or three items a day and when they sell, I either publish that many drafts, or renew an inactive or expired listing to take it's place.

I finally feel like I can take a guilt-free breather.
Not trying to add any work to your load but ...the little heart you include in every picture is distracting.I found over the years customers really want to get a clear picture of what they'll be buying.That's why if you look at front page Treasuries there's minimal "other" in the photographs.Backgrounds are typically clean lines and clutter free.I try to limit props as much as possible.

Also spend more time promoting in Teams and trying to get more buyers.I focus more on getting traffic into my shop.Right now I'm scouting ads for the Fall...promoting on Wanelo, Facebook, Twitter and in Etsy teams.

You can step back and re-focus but you also want to be making sales... that's the main goal.Good luck.
Don't put it in vacation mode, you are right that may hurt you. Put vacation announcement in your headings and in the "message to the buyer".
Amy, when it gets to the point that you totally exhausted yourself and are unable to think clearly it is best to step back for a bit, do it now in a slower month then right before christmas, go take a brake and come back stronger

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