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How Much Inventory?

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Inactive Etsy Member 12:20am Aug 12, 2012 EDT
I am going to my first Craft Show in September and have started getting all my display and inventory together. Here is one of my displays so far i50.tinypic.com/2z4k3z8.jpg. It might not look like much to you, but from that display I am sort of filling in the blanks of similar designs (although no two are the same). What is displayed is all the inventory I have so far, and after I fill in the blanks, I'm wondering just how many extras I should bring? I am very scared that I will run out of certain things. This is a medium sized festival (sort of a small town yearly festival) , but I feel like I have a great product at a great price point so I want to be prepared. Also, I need to start preparing a budget as it's getting down to the wire. How much inventory/duplicate items do you bring with you to a craft show?

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I usually shoot to sell 5x to 10x my booth fee and in order to do that I have to bring 10x as much inventory as I hope to sell. Oh, and that's in my other shop (illustration prints and calendars), not this vintage shop (I don't do shows with my vintage - yet).
dont you think, it would be better to use a table .. you can accessorise it with brochures, busines card, a jewelry display (mannequin hand). that give the appearance that you have more inventory...just my opinion :) good luck
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:31am Aug 12, 2012 EDT
I will have tables as well, this is just one section of my display. No worries, it's purpose is to save space.
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:59am Aug 12, 2012 EDT
I guess I have the amount of inventory that I have, but I want to replace the things that I sell with duplicates- is there a rough estimate of how many I should make?
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:06am Aug 12, 2012 EDT
Im not totally sure the answer to your questionbecause I have yet to do my first craft show, but im going to mark this thread as I am also interested! Good luck with your show!
Take as much as you possible can because I can assure you that of every combination you do take, people will still ask you for that one item that you didn't.

"I really like this widget and my sister-in-law would absolutely love it, but do you have it in purple? This pinkish purple isn't really the right color. It needs to be in purple."

And if you have extras, list them on Etsy.
Haha, I love this. This is me at a craft show, I think.
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:13am Aug 12, 2012 EDT
Hmm.... It's hard to say XD I'm going to do my first show in a couple of weeks and I'm just making as much as I can (as much as I can put in my car xD). So...I think it really depends on what you think. Looking at your items and depending on how long it takes to make them, I would bring at least 20 extras of each smaller item. At least. But I'm not experienced onthis issue yet, so I'm just guessing. It also depends on how big the craft show is.
How much inventory to bring?

How much do you want to sell? If its not on the table, it cannot be sold.

I like to have enough inventory to fill my display at least 2-3x over so that there are no bare spots at the end of the day.

I'm also limited by the size of the vehicle I'll be using for the day.
Rachel, just an advise- I guess you should display variety of crafts (this is what I do). Reason being, if people are not interested in one or two items displayed on your stall, possibility is that they might like something else...and end up buying it!

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