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TheCraftStar...How's it going?

How is TheCraftStar doing now?
I know a lot of people either closed shop here and went to TheCraftStar or are also selling there.
They had a rough start...but seem to be up and going now.
I haven't heard much about it lately.
Have they worked out their kinks?
Anybody have a shop there and would like to share their experience.
I might consider it as another place to sell online....maybe

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Marking the old fashion way...
I haven't anything either good or bad, now that you mention it...
I'd like to know also
There was a ton of chatter before they opened and then there was the opening day glitches and kinks that seemed to last a couple weeks...and then silence.
I am curious if they, the bugs, have been worked out and things are going smoothly.
I am curious about the traffic and if sellers are having a groovy experience.
I've never heard of TheCraftStar, but I went there and typed in pretty generic words like 'necklace' and 'steampunk' and when I click on the shop they don't seem to have many sales. Maybe 2-3 if that. I am interested to know if anyone has had large success there though.
Genie - TheCraftStar opened to the public in May/June (not sure the exact date) and that's why most shops don't have a whole lot of sales yet.
Would love to hear how it is going over there. It has only been a couple months...but still, I love to know how it is going since they launched.
I'd love to hear, too.

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