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Shipping to Italy - delays?

I have shipped to at least a dozen international countries,including Italy and for the first time I have a customer telling me that two months after I shipped her order she has still not received it.My post master is looking into it but I am wondering if anyone else has noticed delays in shipping to Italy or if Italian sellers/customers could tell me an average time it takes to ship from the US?
I know when her order came in that big earthquake had just happened the day before b/c I had written to thank her for her order and pray that she was safe and never heard back from her til her order shipped.I don't know if the earthquake was even near her or if it caused any delays in postal service but there was that thought.
Mahalo in advance for any feedback :)

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italy has a bad reputation for lost packages, but i've never experienced an issue shipping there. from my experience, it usually takes 2 - 3 weeks. i would ask your buyer to check with customs. the package could be held there for weeks.

edit, i know italy has strict rules about what can be shipped there. if you sent clothes, i think that could be causing this delay.
Thank you Ruth.I live in Hawaii so it usually takes another week for my orders as opposed to US Mainland but even order to Moscow have only taken 3-4 weeks.
I am not even sure what to do if she doesn't get it.I have not had a lost order yet on just over 500 sales :(
Really?clothes would cause a delay b/c that is what I sell.Why clothing I wonder?
Italy is notorious for postal delays. It has been my personal experience as a seller, and I have heard repeatedly from others in the forums that shipping to Italy is a belabored process. When I ship to Italy now (which is rare, certainly, but does happen) I always send a message to the customer to expect delays due to their own customs and postal system, and the last two have responded that they know this from other purchases.

Thank you Tiffa.
This buyer said that she ordered something else form Etsy that shipped the same day and it arrived in July but I have no idea if it was even shipped fro the US.
I will pass on the information about delays.From the way her messages are written I am not sure how much I write may be lost in translation.
here's a list of what you can't ship to italy, pe.usps.com/text/imm/il_008.htm

some clothes fall under the category of haberdashery and sewn articles.
After this long I wouldn't expect the package to show up. If it was going to, it would have been there by now.

When I send gifts to friends in Italy they usually arrive in 2-3 weeks. After that they are just never seen again.
Italy is notorious for protecting the fashion/clothing market. That is why they have strict roles for what is allowed to be imported into the country. They want their citizens to "Buy Italian".
OMG!!that list is crazy!I had NO IDEA!!
thanks for all the info :)

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