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Slow months?

We opened our shop in late May and saw a sudden drop in sales about mid July. Once August arrived, we saw a bit of an upswing, but still slow. After reading some of the forums and handbook, we're seeing these are the slow months on Etsy and for stores in general.
Would you agree that these late summer months are the slowest? And when do things pick back up? We're working towards preparing for the holidays, but weren't sure when holiday shopping would really pick up.
Thanks for helping out a newbie! Cheers!

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July is always my slowest month, August not so bad. I don't think it's a Seasonal related thing (it's mid Winter here) but just the way of retail.

Holiday shopping for me is generally from October onwards but last year it didn't really happen until mid November - honestly, who knows?

My advice is to make things you can sell all year rather than orient them towards Christmas - good luck!
We do, and I suspect you will too, about 50%+ of our yearly business in October/November/December. June/July/August are traditionally the slowest months, with it ramping up by the end of September and into October. About midway through November it REALLY picks up steam.

Good luck. Also, I just invited you to a very special team that only the cream of the crop get invited to. I hope you join.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:57am Aug 11, 2012 EDT
Being so new to etsy i wouldn't read to much into your sales yet either, as it takes a while to 'get noticed'.
June is always my slowest month followed by late August. I know from my own purchasing history that these are the months that I am least likely to buy my supplies - kids are just getting out of the school or getting ready to go back to school...with 4 of them myself, it keeps me busy. My target market is women between the ages of 20-50 so you can figure that many of them have school aged children as well.
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:29am Aug 11, 2012 EDT
i'm new to etsy so i don't really know about that :-) but i wish i got some sales haha!
summer is always the slow time, but if the past tells me anything, within a week, it'll start picking up slowly

half my income for the year comes in november and december
Don't over think it! You have a lot of sales for a new shop!
Sales are generally slow in the summer. September is typically my slowest month.
This will depend a LOT on what/ where you sell. The best thing you can do is track your sales from year to year. I have stats for about 6 years now, grouped by month and by venue. While online sales tend to decrease for me in summer, July is often my second best month (after November). This is because I usually do outdoor shows around then, and galleries do very well in the summer for me. I also see a lot of wholesale inquiries around this time. So while things slow down here, it balances out elsewhere. If you can get a feel for your own seasonal swings, you'll have an easier time reacting to them, and using them to your advantage.

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