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Slow months?

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Been on Etsy since 2007, i'm up from last year but that's because I didn't really market myself or push sales. Once I started putting myself out there, I saw a huge increase, until this summer.

June was slow at first then picked up at the end but was a struggle to get sales, July picked up due to my CIJ sale, but now August is just plain DEAD, I have a lot of views, but only 4 sales this month. It seems having a sale is the only way to get things SOLD during summer months, so I just started having another one and hope business picks up! Good luck to you and everyone else, hope things turn around here soon!!
Well, since I posted this thread, I've seen an increase in sales. Almost as soon as Aug started, we've been more steady. I don't know why, but I'll take it for sure!
I suppose over time, I'll be able to track some trends better, but July was getting tumbleweed dry as far as sales go- I was starting to wonder...
I think right before school starts seems to be my slowest time.
I think this time of year is a bit slow, I found the same last year, but it should pic up soon. I wouldn't read too much in to it, just keep making, listing and making sure your shop looks great to potential customers and I'm sure sales will pic up in the pre Christmas rush.
Too slow month!
It's a bit sad to have 15 views on a day!
I don't know the secrets of Etsy!

Good luck!
I also see a slowing trend this month (July), however I'm taking advantage by ramping up my listings and my product lines while I have the time.
Good luck to you all!!

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