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for those of you who have blogs

I'm wondering what methods of promoting them you use...
I've recently started a blog / website on wordpress, with a little etsy mini that links to my shop here, and it's been fun, but I'm really not sure the best ways to get people checking in there.
I'll obviously use my facebook, but I'm wondering if people are having success tweeting their blog posts?
also would it be inappropriate in any way to include a link to my blog in my about me, profile or shop welcome?
any other ideas are so very welcome ≈ and thanks in advance for any insights :)

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It depends what the blog is about. I've found that those who only blog about what they sell in their shop don't have much luck gaining any followers that aren't other etsy shops.
There are some blog teams here that let you link when you make a new post.
The best way to get followers is to read, follow, and comment other peoples posts. Not just in a "hey i followed you so you have to follow me back" kind of way, but actually reading posts and writing real responses to them.

There are communities out there for fashion blogs like heartIFB that are like social media for bloggers. Craftster and other ones for those who write about diy's and crafts. There are huge "mommy blog" circles where everyone seems to support each other...
You can put ads on other similar blogs.

It really depends on what you write about as to where you can promote it.
Those are fantastic tips actually, thanks so much.
I hadn't thought about blog teams on etsy, but I'll look at some.
What you said about just blogging about your etsy shop not attracting many readers ≈ I assume you're right.
I am trying to aim my blog away from that ≈ it's more lifestyle and humor, but whether others will find it at all interesting ≈ we'll see, whatever :)
With regard to your questions about linking your blog from your about page/profile/shop welcome, absolutely you can - and should, I think! I love reading the blogs of people whose work I come across and adore - even if I can't afford to buy anything from them at some point, that will likely change, and continuing to read their blog reminds me that I liked their work! (I hope the same is true of the people who read my blog!)

You might consider writing tutorials - some of my most popular blog posts have been tutorial posts, or ones that give some history and background to my work and chainmaille in general. If there are things going on in your local area, those are also worth writing about, especially if you're involved!

In terms of attracting visitors, commenting on other people's blogs and joining Etsy teams is good - also make sure that your blog posts repeat relevant keywords a few times, so that your blog post will move up the search engine rankings.

You may know this already, but don't pay anyone money to improve your blog's SEO and search rankings for you. Search engines keep their criteria secret, so no one can actually guarantee results - those who say they can are usually fairly shady.

ETA: If you participate in industry-relevant forums (jewellery-making forums, for example) make sure you include a link to your blog in your forum signature if the forum rules allow it. Also, think about putting it into your email signature, so it is automatically included whenever you send an email.
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:16 pm Aug 11, 2012 EDT
I have my etsy shop and my blog link on my emails. I have gotten some business because of my blog, but not so much that it makes my blogging pay off. It's more a way to vent or discuss what I'm doing without boring my poor friends and family who are so sick of hearing me talk about etsy. I do tweet my updates, and I have some traffic from that. It just depends.
I've had no luck with my blog (Etsy mini included), Facebook or Twitter... I must be doing something wrong! Most of the feedback I've heard is good as far as those forms of promotion go.

Good luck :-)
mintmoose says:
The best way to get followers is to read, follow, and comment other peoples posts.

SOOOO true.

I like to read processes. You can post what your finished product for sale is at the end, but I like pictures of it in-the-making and some of your thought process or design challenges you overcame.
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:59 pm Aug 11, 2012 EDT
I tweet my blog posts daily but that's because I write on a daily basis. My blog link is on my "About" page, but my traffic comes from internet search engines and Twitter. I didn't have any luck with blog teams here on Etsy, but my blog is not related to crafting or Etsy in any way so that's not my target audience.

Write what you're interested in. Do what you love. Others will follow.
Wow, thank you all so much.
I'm glad to hear that it's encouraged to post links to blogs on our etsy pages ≈ I really haven't come across that often so I was hoping there wasn't some unspoken taboo about it.
I also love reading blogs, I have about 30 bookmarked on my computer that I check in with super regularly (some even daily) and I'll keep my eyes open for blog links on etsy because, to be honest, I often have a hard time finding new blogs just through web search.
I was perusing lots for jewelry blogs specifically all last month and really couldn't come up with much through google....
commenting and supporting other peoples blogs is definitely an important tip.
I'm on Tumblr! You should def Twitter too, using wise hashtags you can be RT and have some traffic ;)

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