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case against me

For non delivery. I cannot control how long post takes! I fulfilled my end of the bargain. I posted on time. I dont think my buyer realised I am in the UK, but no convo to ask where is the parcel. Just straight into an open case!

What now?!?!?

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Read and do this:

This happened to me too. Just send a message under the "add your comment" area to the buyer and let them know what's up.
I cant speak from experience but it seems like you held up your end. Did they pay through paypal? Did you get any tracking?
Did you have tracking, if not Paypal will refund her

If she may not have realised you are in UK, now is a good time to discuss it with her (and ask to be repaid when it eventually arrives)
sorry to hear this - definitely contact the buyer explaining the situation. It can sometimes take a while to get international shipments
I did my bit, but to not even convo first! I can't believe it. Yeah, payment was through Paypal. Can I carry on my shop as normal while it is happening?
Some people act snappy!.. It's best to take a deep breath, think about it in perspectve.. and only then make a response. Don't say anything silly in anger, as you'll regret it :)
Ugh, I know that dreaded feeling! I had a case opened up about a month ago. I felt so sick. Mine was for non-delivery on an international purchase (1 week after posting).

Just reply to your customer professionally. Explain that you are in the UK, and how long shipping to the US generally takes. Provide a tracking # if you have one, or a scan of your receipt to prove you mailed the item.
Just remember some buyers might not even realize they can convo you. Best thing to do is to respond to the case, keep in communication with that buyer, and carry on as usual in other aspects of your shop.
Don't let it get you down. :)
Don't let it get you down. :)
Great advice, always remember, it's not personal - it's just business!

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