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Up until yesterday I was selling on etsy as mostly a hobby. I didnt really expect a profit, and i was completely disorganized. I literally had a pile of supplies in the corner and my table was covered with items. So today i got into one of my "Organize" modes and went to town. I found 4 stackable baskets in my basement that i forgot i had. They sorta look like this: files.highfashionhome.com/uploaded_images/Container-Store-Stack-Bas...

So i went through all of my findings, supplies, packing/shipping stuff and my finished products and sorted them and put them into the baskets. Its is so much more organized and easier to find what i need! I also put up a tack board above it and tacked up notes to myself, store coupons, bussiness cards, etc.

Ive also went through my listings and edited soem photos, prices and descriptions.

I'm really working on making my shop great.

Anyone have any organizations tips or items they use to store their supplies and jewelry?

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that's great that you are getting things in place. I use large storage bins for yarn and products and a couple smaller drawers for jewelery. I struggle with organization but I, too, am tyring to get my act together
In order to be more creative you have to de-clutter and organise.

You've made a wonderful start - keep re-thinking and keep re-organising because things change quickly.

My favourite organising tip for greater productivity is to make an 'ongoing workspace'.
Create a space just for yourself and your current project so that you can pick it up and put it down as necessary. Nothing stifles creativity more than having to pack things away and then get them out again.

I give every item I make a stock number. This way I can keep track of everything by number and not by a title or descriptive phrase. It took a long time, but once I got it done I was so much more in control of my inventory. Also, I recenty re-sorted my beads by color. I have two inventory areas; one is for natural material (stone, pearl, etc) and the other is for beads. Wow, I'm tired just thinking about it! Good luck.....
Wow, your shop looks great, so if your workplace looks that good, you should be happy. It is always nice to start work for the day in a tidy and organised space.

I try, but keep making different stuff as the mood grabs me so I always have a mess around for a bit. I tidy about once a week and put all my bits and pieces back in their respective homes. I have actually commandered the formal dining room much to my husbands dismay. he he he

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