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So, how's the About page working for you?

I love the concept of the About page, and I really enjoyed making mine. I'm not sure anyone actually sees it though...

Just wondering others feelings. I have a link to it in all my listings, but I don't think Stats indicates if someone clicked on it, only if it drove traffic to my shop or listings.

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I don't think anyone actually looks at them, which is fine with me. I'm perfectly fine with customers just popping in to buy before carrying on with their business.
Abby, I've not done one yet. My Profile has always been like the About Page (more about my Shop); and a little about me (nothing too personal). More like other types of things I have created.

I have seen some really great looking About Pages (haven't looked at any recently; more so when they first came out).

And I believe you're correct; Stats don't show if someone viewed the About Page (to my knowledge).
If the 'about' link was under the persons pic, more people would click it. Right now, you have to search for it.
I get about a half dozen views a day [the only way I can tell is by looking at the traffic FROM about page stat]. On any given day I get anywhere from 150-500 total views though...so...not many people see it!

I agree it would be great if this feature were FEATURED more prominently!
I'm not sure how many people see mine, but I did get a sale from it a couple months ago =). I know because the buyer mentioned it was a key reason they purchased from me in their feedback.
I don't have mine set up, and I'll probably continue to not have it set up for quite awhile longer. It just doesn't interest me.
I did mine and then removed it. I decided it was all getting just a little bit too personal and totally unnecessary with what we already put on our profiles.
i haven't had time to set mine up yet. once in awhile i go read other's but mostly out of curiosity about what they look like in person. we have some beautiful and crafty people on this site! :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:16 am Aug 20, 2012 EDT
When I think about it, I have no way of knowing how it's doing? How would you measure views?

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