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Packing Slips

Since I use direct checkout instead of Paypal, I am looking for advice on creating packing slips for my orders. Is there a website that anyone would recommend, or a simple way to create your own packing slips?

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You can print the receipt.... since I do digital I'm just mainly bumping you... but you could do that worst case ( a bit messy since it also has your shipping note....)
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:51 pm Aug 24, 2012 EDT
I only do packing slips for international. If it is a DC order, I just print the order page and use that.
Just print the Etsy receipt
I agree...print out the receipt.
As a customer, would you feel that it was unprofessional not to include a packing slip at all?
I've received packages with and without packing slips. Doesn't matter to me. Can't speak for anyone else though.
I always include the Etsy reciept. No reason not to. Just budget for ink and paper. :)
i created my own packing slips because i wanted to have my logo on it not PP.
i used excel to create a template and just plug in the address and info as needed.
i also do them on 1/2 sheets of paper, cuz the full sheet seemed like such a waste. and i know most just junk them anyways..but i really like adding them cuz it makes me feel more like a systematic company.
and all my suppliers send them. so it feels more real to include them. :)
I print the Etsy receipt and use it to say Thank You or to write a note.
When I switched to ShipStation.com for all my labels, it had a nice feature where it would print the label and the packing slip together (one on each of a half page label).
But I decided I liked the Etsy receipt better.
I just WISH I didn't have to print them ONE at a time! Doesn't matter much in this shop, but it does in my other shop.

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