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Refuse a sale without negative feedback

is there a way to refuse a sale without getting hit with a negative feedback?. i offered to keep the products, gave full refund, cancelled the transaction to protect myself from the negative feedback. and yet it happened as i think it takes 2 days to cancel.
Recently it is negative feedback first, then ask for free products and money for a "kiss and makeup". When i emailed etsy, i was told they cannot do anything as the feedback is based on the buyer experience. Not one or two transactions. multiple and sometimes it is the same person coming back again.
i am this close to shut down my shop. I value feedback and now it is more blackmail. and i cannot afford to giveaway products. Help?!

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Inactive Etsy Member 5:16pm Sep 8, 2012 EDT
sometimes it is worth it to just take it and move on...if you feel you are right...do NOT give away your products.
if they haven't purchased yet you can refuse a sale without feedback happening?

if you are canceling an order the buyer does have a window of opportunity for the buyer to leave feedback between the time you cancel the order and the time that etsy cancels the order.

to be satisfied your buyer is making requests. you can decide whether you want to comply or not. that is your decision to make.
i am the seller. i asked the buyer to keep the product. because they are not happy with it. i gave their money back and cancelled the transaction.

another example, i cancelled the sale because of ridiculous requests, even before the payment is made i am getting threatened with negative feedback if i dont ship the products.

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Inactive Etsy Member 5:20pm Sep 8, 2012 EDT
Don't give away products, and don't be blackmailed.

I think people over think Etsy feedback. They get wrapped up in "negative" and "neutral". I wish Etsy would just eliminate it in fact. We aren't eBay, we are Etsy.

Take the hit and don't over think this, no one reads FB half the time, and it seems to be the owner of the FB who gets more upset than the next buyer.

The next buyer will look at your photos, your descriptions, your costs, they don't care that someone got their undies in a twist over a perfectly fine transaction or goes around buying things just to be unpleasant and leave nasty feedback. (and yes, that does happen)

how do i prevent "certain people" from purchasing?
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:22pm Sep 8, 2012 EDT
You can't. All you can do is just cancel the transaction and move on.
I'm sorry it happened. Meanwhile you have 100% positive and many buyers don't even look when they see the 100% on your home page.

You have good feedback. Move on and forget the free item request. Negative feedback is emotionally wrenching but once you realize that most people discount a negative feedback in a sea of positives you will feel better.
you can not block buyers but you can refuse service. etsy does not encourage it, and there are downsides with the possibility for negative feedback, but those are your choices.

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