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One month old at Etsy

I started my shop on August 9th, 2012
Tomorrow my shop will be one month old at Etsy.

I love here, I have learned so many things here, I grow with everybody!
I just not sure how am I doing here, where can I go from here, can anyone tell me how to be prepared for special occasions, like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My Stats:

My sales: 26
Views: 5,450
Favorites: 708


Search Ad:
Spent: $14.73
Impressions: 20,489
Views: 108
Favorites: 15
Orders: 2
Revenue: Secret! (NOT MUCH)

22 Responses

You are doing quite well with 26 sales in one month! Congrats. I've sold on and off Etsy for a few years, but never during the Christmas rush so I cannot tell you what to be prepared for. I'm sure others will pop in to help soon.
Terry Tan....LOL, you're talkative this afternoon!
justgivemepeace from justgivemepeace says
Terry Tan....LOL, you're talkative this afternoon!

Yep! I have tons of things to share this afternoon and tomorrow, I am currently writing a article about the last month being here on Etsy! I am excited and also stressed.

I am just dropping into give Terry's teas a plug.

Terry was so great at helping me find the tea best suited to me. And the tea is delicious. Thanks, Terry.
Your photos are GORGEOUS! And your shop looks lovely! Off to browse :)
Hi fellow Canadian! Your teas look wonderful, and very tempting. :)

You're doing great for one month in. Congrats!
are you Blogging your Article? Or is it for other Newbies here in the forum?
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:01pm Sep 8, 2012 EDT
I agree, 26 sales is great for your first month! I checked out your shop, and I really like it! The general look of your shop and products look top notch. If your concerned about the revenue maybe your pricing too low. There are some Etsy labs that may be helpful.

Good luck and congratulations on a great first month!
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:12pm Sep 8, 2012 EDT
Woohoo! That is a great first month. Congratulations!

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