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Horrible Keywords- fixed?

Hi everyone! About a month ago I posted a thread on here asking for help.I have had my store for a long while now, and I had very very few views and sales. At that time, I was told that my keywords and titles were not at all SEO friendly and I finally think I get it! ( At least a little more) My views have certainly gone up, but I am still not selling as much I would like. In an effort to continually push my business forward and learn, I was wondering if you guys had any more tips for me? I have a Facebook Fanpage in which I post in- progress pics , just got a Twitter account... Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks you guys!

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took a quick look....

this shirt:

doesn't have the word "shirt" in the title. :)
Or, "tank top"
It looks like you are on the right track. Your titles/tags look good and it seems you've had more sales since fixing them. To increase you overall sales, you will have to promote your items to bring traffic in...a tough task, I know. It took me 3 years to get a good FB fan base and that is mainly how I promote my shop.
good eye, Angela :)
I learned from the best ^^JANA^^
LOL Thank you Angela, I just fixed it! I appreciate both of you guys help! I have been really trying to drive traffic to my store by showing the paintings from start to finish on facebook and twitter- and I do think that continuing to engage people in that way will help ( plus I think it's fun!) Like I said, a month ago my titles and keywords were horrible, I had no idea what I was doing, but everyone on Etsy has been so helpful, I really, really appreciate it. Thank you guys!

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