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Wrong zip for customer--send anyway??

I have a customer (I contacted the person yesterday, when I tried to print out label and the site said the zip was wrong, haven't heard anything from customer yet) who gave me the wrong zip.

I know the address and everything else seems to be right, just the zip.
Can I go ahead and send item to the address and the zip that should fit (not the one he gave me)?

Any help would be appreciated!

P.S. He paid w/ credit card.

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I'd look up the right zip code and change it then send.
Good question, I would send another message. Is there an email attached with the credit card? Wait another day or so.
I sent an email, too...I just never had this problem before.
Thanks or the replies! :)
If you send the order with the wrong zip code chances are they will not receive their order. You can do a zip code look up on usps.com
I signed up with the wrong zip code for my bank account (recently moved in the same city and forgot the zip changed) but everything got sent alright. just remember that paypal does not protect you unless you ship to the address exactly as they have it on their profile
Yeah, I'd just look up the correct zip.
I had a situation like this where the zip was correct but the city was "wrong". I was lucky enough to get a hold of the customer who assured me that the city was right but I can use the suggested USPS city as well.

I was required by USPS/Paypal to use the suggested city.
PayPal is weird with this ... any change in the address even if they suggest the right address causes you to lose seller protection.And I've had a few instances where they refused to let me use the confirmed address because the correct postal address was off by a letter or word or 2.For instance ..one person had BLVD and not Boulevard or something and I had to manually change it.
I would wait until you have the right zip. If you send it to the wrong one, it'll likely get returned to you and you'll have to pay for shipping twice.

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