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Not sure what to think-- Custom Request

I'm a new seller, so I'm not really sure about this request I rec'd today. I'm excited, and unsure at the same time!! I sell bath and body products. The request is from someone having a home party of various items and thought it would be nice to have some spa products. She liked my packaging. She wants to order 10 things, "to start with" and get wholesale pricing. She prefers my website not be on the label... My labels are professionally done and I won't alter them... Would any of you have any concerns with a resale or anything else I mentioned? She said she has a resale license, I don't even know how that would relate to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

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I'm fairly new as well, but that seems a bit fishy to me that she wouldn't want you to put any of your information on the labels of YOUR products... That coupled with the fact that she's asking for the discounted price might raise flags that she's looking to turn a profit for herself. That's just how it seems to me.
If she has a resale license and does not want your website on the packaging, then I think it's pretty safe to say she wants to sell them at her home party and make some money off of your wholesale prices. I wouldn't deal with her
Offer what you are comfortable with and no more.

I would be wary about offering wholesale for only 10 items when it's for one party. Wholesale makes more sense if she'll be reselling your items for a year or so and will be in the market for 100 or more. This sounds more like a quantity discount than wholesale.
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I'd search the forum here for threads on selling wholesale. I don't think 10 items qualifies as a wholesale order. Your prices are low already, how could you give a wholesale price and still make a profit?

The labeling is a separate/different issue and up to you. I mean, anyone anywhere can buy anything and sell it to someone else.
Well I know in my state you can get a Certificate of Resale, but that is so they can purchase items tax free, and then collect sales tax when it is sold through the reseller.

If you aren't comfortable removing your labeling then just tell them so. I know you may feel a sale is a sale so don't pass it up, but if you aren't comfortable with it then you shouldn't do it. Sales will come in time.

You may want to think about min purchase amounts and terms for future wholesales if that is something you may want to do in the future.
Thanks for the feedback! I agree, not a large enough quantity for a wholesale rate. I will consider a small discount, but I agree, I need to have a profit. It sounds like she wants one too!
I'd definitely up the amount if you can at this stage, perhaps a 50-60 minimum.

Why would you not deal with a wholesaler - that's bread and butter income and as long as she pays your price, that's all good!

As far as your details not being on the product, that's not unusual. Your wholesale client doesn't want to work hard promoting & selling and then have the customer go direct to you for the next purchase.

Always with a situation like this just proceed politely and with caution until everyone's happy and it's a done deal!
Wholesale prices come with wholesale quantities, so I wouldn't go there for 10 items. As a compromise, you could tell her that when she comes back to purchase a wholesale order from you, that you will credit her with the difference between what she paid on the first order and wholesale pricing--for example:

If you'd charge $50 wholesale and $100 retail, for what she's ordering, she pays $100 retail now, and when you get her first wholesale order you will deduct $50 off the order--in effect adding the first order to her wholesale account with you, so that she no longer paid retail for it.

She wants blind labeling so she can sell your goods and not have her customers find you to purchase directly from you in the future. Often that comes with a slightly less than wholesale discount since your branding is removed and it doesn't build your brand.

She has a resale license to prove that she's a business and to purchase your goods tax exempt for use in her business. If you don't know what that means, you might want to look into the legal requirements for selling yourself, including sales tax & business registration requirements and the FDA requirements for product labeling.

US: Sales Tax & Business Registration--Links to Official Government Websites

Cosmetic Labeling & Label Claims

Cosmetic Labeling Manual
I don't think I'd offer a wholesale discount for ten items - maybe twenty or thirty!

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