I know lots of us have charming little weebly sites, and I was wondering if anyone has been updating theirs lately and come across any problems?

For example, I HAVE to edit in Internet Explorer because it hasn't been working at all in Firefox. It's still glitchy in IE, but it's sort of doable (things actually load and I can type at least).

But lately when I visit my site, none of the drop-down menus on either internet program work at all. That means nearly half of my site is completely unavailable. What gives?

The photo slideshow only works on IE and not firefox.

Anyone else have problems like these? Or do you think it's a problem with my computer?

I'd google search it, but Weebly's SEO is so aggressive that I can't ever find anything relevant to my search! It's kind of bizarre.

Unfortunately I have to leave for work soon (only source of income now, it seems :/ ) so I will be unable to check back for eight hours :(