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Business Cards with Vivid Color?

I am about to reorder business cards and would like to find a vendor whose printing reproduces color well - bright and reasonably true to the original graphics.

I've been using Next Day Flyers and, aside from the color reproduction, I really like their fine quality. However, a simplified graphic of my colorful shop banner - even with its colors amped up - still came out very muddy and dull the last time I reordered.

I may take it up with them but thought I would first ask if anyone has a good recommendation regarding color. Thanks...

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:45pm Sep 9, 2012 EDT
Nothing beats moo.com!
They're a little pricy, but it's so worth it.
Hattie is right, moo is the best of the best. And it may seem a little pricier than vistaprints (what everyone seems to use) but for what I've gotten from vista in the past - my own graphic on the front, info on the back, glossy, etc, it costs me almost $30 after shipping (for a measly 250 cards!)
If you want something bright, vivid, crisp, professional and super customisable, I'd highly suggest moo.
I also got their minicards, put coupon codes on them and send them out with buyers. You can choose up to like.... 70 different assorted images of your own to use and it doesn't change the price. Seriously, top notch stuff.
I agree with both Hattie and Tranifer Lovely. Moo is definitely the best quality and they offer very vivid coloring on their products. I have purchased both business cards and Mini Moo's through them and love the quality! I have business cards through Vistaprint as well but they are a little more flimsy vs. Moo business cards. Moo is pricier but well worth it! I think Moo still offers free Etsy business cards so I would check that out! :)
I use vistaprint. They are good with color, fast and affrodable
I hate to be the naysayer, but my first order from Moo was very disappointing - colors were dull and blurred.

I've been getting my business cards from VistaPrint - excellent quality and prices. They did my logo *exactly* in the right colors, crisp and clean.
Thanks for the advice! I will definitely look into both Moo and Vistaprint. Ideally It would be nice to submit small orders to more than one vendor, but it's good to hear from those who have experience with more than one.

My Next Day Flyers cards are the glossy finish, but I doubt that a clear coat would dull colors.
I just ordered 1000 cards with Vista, I didn't design my own (no time) but its close to my shop theme. I hear a lot of good props for Moo. When I finally get the chance to sit and design my own business card how I want it. I will definitely spend the extra money and try Moo.

Your best bet is Moo if you have your own design I'd say.
Throwing in another vote over here for Moo.
I order from vistaprint, and have found that a glossy finish is much nicer for making the colors pop and defined

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